List of Sculptures

Here is the list of sculptures that have decorated the outside tabernacles of Orsanmichele. Fourteen of the original sculptures are now located in the museum on the "primo piano" - which unfortunately is usually closed even though it was remodeled and restored in 2007. Works not in the museum have their locations noted in parentheses. All tabernacles and predellas, etc. are orgininal and in situ except for Donatello's tabernacle for St. George which is in the Bargello. We will continue to add links here as we add the individual pages for each work.

St. Stephen, Andrea Pisano 1340 (Opera Duomo)

John the Evangelist, Orcagna (circle of) 1370 (Spedale Innocenti)

Madonna of the Rose or Madonna and Child, Lamberti 1399

St. Luke, Lamberti 1406 (Bargello)

St. Philip, Nanni di Banco 1412

St. Mark, Donatello 1413

Four Crowned Saints, Nanni di Banco 1414

St. Peter, Brunelleschi 1415

John the Baptist, Ghiberti 1416

St. George, Donatello 1418

St. James, Lamberti 1420

St. Eligius, Nanni di Banco 1421

St. Matthew, Ghiberti 1422

St. Louis of Tolouse, Donatello 1423 (Opera Santa Croce)

St. Stephen, Ghiberti 1428

Doubting St. Thomas or Christ and St. Thomas, Verrocchio 1486

John the Evangelist, Baccio da Montelupo 1515

St. Luke, Giambologna 1602