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Orsanmichele Entrance Door


The main entrance door (west side of the building) with St. Matthew on the left and St. Stephen on the right.

Services at Orsanmichele

The Chiesa (Church) di Orsanmichele is still in operation - it isn't just a museum! If you would like to attend a service, the official website of the church is http://www.orsanmichele.org/

It appears from their site that services are only on the weekend:

Orsanmichele Celebrazioni Eucaristiche

Sabato 18.30 S.Messa prefestiva
Domenica 11.00 (maggio-ottobre) 18.30 S.Messa vespertina

There is a phone number and email address also for up to date information:

Phone: 39 055-210305
Email: san.carlo@alice.it


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